First Aid Training for All New Drivers?



Will Quince, the MP for Colchester, has suggested that all new drivers should undertake first aid training before taking their practical test. His Driving Licence (Mandatory First Aid Training) Bill was put forward in the House of Commons this month.

Mr Quince told MPs present that half of all deaths from road traffic collisions occur within just a few minutes after the crash takes place. This means paramedics may not yet be on the scene. He stressed the value drivers possessing those key life-saving skills such as CPR which, when put to use; could greatly reduce the number of deaths.

Whilst this suggestion is unlikely to become law in the near future, it is certainly difficult to argue against the importance of learning up-to-date first aid knowledge.

Read the BBC article here

Communication is the key to good care

When it comes to offering a high level of care it is essential that the carer and the service-user are able to understand each other.

With 1 in every 5 carers coming from outside the UK (according to figures published by King’s College, London), there is an increasing difficulty with those working in the industry having poor English language skills. This can be challenging for both the service user and the carer. Communication issues can lead to needs not being understood, which can result in frustration, anger and bad treatment from either party.

Care Minister Norman Lamb, who has recently revealed the introduction of a new Care Certificate to be rolled out next May, is emphasising the importance of communication; stating that this will form part of the training certificate. However, he has also said that employers must ensure new recruits are competent in English reading and writing skills at the point of interview. Essentially, the responsibility and accountability will lie with the employer to have a procedure in place.

 Norvic Training offers English as a Foreign Language for the Care Setting. This 6 hour course is suitable for carers, nurses and support staff. This day would fit perfectly at the being of a three or four day Care Induction course that is to be undertaken by those for whom English is not their first language. 

New Training Centre Opening in Cambridge this Autumn

Norvic Training have some exciting news we hope will be of interest to you.

This autumn we are opening a brand new training centre on the outskirts of Cambridge. The venue at Glenmore Business Park has the benefit of ample free parking on site.

Open courses in First Aid will commence this October and will run every month. Our venue will also be available for those clients looking for an off-site location for their closed courses.

Course dates for this year can now be found on our website.

Contact us for further information or to book.

NEW COURSE: First Aid for the Mind

A one day course to help employers and those working with vulnerable people at risk of stress, anxiety, depression etc. to recognise the warning signs and understand how to offer effective responses.
Open public courses will be available at our Norwich and Cambridge training rooms from this autumn. Courses on your premises for your own teams are available from now. Maximum delegate number 15.
Do contact us to express interest and discuss your needs.

NEW COURSE: Disability Confidence

New course to help staff members feel confident in their approach to customers with a disability. 

Do your staff members feel confident when dealing with a customer with a disability? Do they feel awkward, embarrassed or unsure of what to do? This course is designed to equip staff members with the necessary skills to work confidently with disabled customers to ensure both their own experience, and that of the customer, is a positive one.

The course will help staff;

  • understand the barriers faced by those with a disability and identify possible solutions
  • have the confidence to approach and assist customers with a disability
  • consider disability misconceptions
  • understand disability legislation and recognise the ‘reasonable adjustments’ that should be made for customers
  • recognise the importance of communication and avoiding assumptions
  • know how to respond to unusual behaviours 

Interested? Do contact us for further details or to book.


Norvic are soon to offer E-Learning as a training tool to enhance traditional methods of learning and augment face-to-face training.

Subjects are broken down into clear, easy to understand sections.

Questions are asked throughout the course to encourage the learner to engage with the material.

Each course ends with a written assessment to be submitted electronically for a Norvic-approved assessor to mark.

Certificates are awarded on successful completion of the subject assessment.

Customers pay per assessment submitted to assessor.

Courses currently under development are:

1. Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
2. Infection Control
3. Equality and Diversity

Can’t see the course you want? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

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