Communication is the key to good care

When it comes to offering a high level of care it is essential that the carer and the service-user are able to understand each other.

With 1 in every 5 carers coming from outside the UK (according to figures published by King’s College, London), there is an increasing difficulty with those working in the industry having poor English language skills. This can be challenging for both the service user and the carer. Communication issues can lead to needs not being understood, which can result in frustration, anger and bad treatment from either party.

Care Minister Norman Lamb, who has recently revealed the introduction of a new Care Certificate to be rolled out next May, is emphasising the importance of communication; stating that this will form part of the training certificate. However, he has also said that employers must ensure new recruits are competent in English reading and writing skills at the point of interview. Essentially, the responsibility and accountability will lie with the employer to have a procedure in place.

 Norvic Training offers English as a Foreign Language for the Care Setting. This 6 hour course is suitable for carers, nurses and support staff. This day would fit perfectly at the being of a three or four day Care Induction course that is to be undertaken by those for whom English is not their first language. 


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